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Pat & Brenda's Europe Trip, 2006

Thursday, Aug 31 - Zurich and Engelberg

Zurich airport was nice, organized, efficient, and customs and immigration went smoothly and quickly. Got our Alfa Romeo rental car – very nice! Drove out, actually through, Zurich using the on-board navigational system. Instructions were in German, so we did a real-time crash course in discerning the meaning, as terms finally began to come back to me: links fahren (drive left), rechts fahren (drive right), geradeaus wieder (continue straight ahead), Kreuzung (intersection), Kreisel (roundabout), Brücke (bridge) Dreieck (fork). We did very well, especially considering our lack of sleep!

Drove past Luzern to the foothills of the Alps. Turned south up the valley to Engelberg. What a gorgeous valley! Mountain streams, waterfalls several hundred feet high, little Swiss villages, tidy farms. Even their firewood is stacked with extreme tidiness.

Bought some cheese and bread in Engelberg for lunch, then napped in the car for a bit. The hotel we were reserved at didn’t seem to even be open, no one was around, so we canceled that and checked into the Waldegg hotel. We are so glad we did. Beautiful place with an indoor saltwater pool and solarium. A view of the mountains from our room.

We had a quick glass of wine out on the terrace, looking out onto a fantastic view, cobalt blue skies, perfect weather. We slept about an hour, then went to dinner at the hotel restaurant. I had some pasta, Pat had veal liver. Food was excellent. We watched the sun set as we ate.

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