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France Trip, April, 2008

March 29-April 3

During this time we were attending the JEC trade show. We didn't get to see much of Paris because of 11-hour days at the show, but we ate good meals in the evenings. We had a translator at our booth named Caroline Bousselier. She gave us some tips on how to pronounce some things and gave a list of some cheeses we should try.

The funniest story from our week in Paris was the night we all took the Metro to the Louvre for a reception related to the trade show. We were all dressed up, the guys in dark suits, and me in a dress with very high heels. Hugo and Tom walked behind us as we couldn't all fit on the sidewalk. As we came out of the hotel, a couple of girls approached and waved a piece of paper at me and tried to hand me a pen. Thinking they were trying to get us to sign a petition, I smiled and declined. The girl pursued Pat even more strenuously, chattering in French with great excitement. He also declined, and we walked on. Suddenly the idea struck me that they thought we were celebrities of some sort, maybe George Clooney? Pat does look an awful lot like him, especially in a dark suit and wearing sunglasses. We laughed all the way to the Louvre. No one's ever asked us for an autograph before! And in Paris!

Friday, April 4

Slept in, and then went shopping in Paris at Gallieries Lafayette, underneath the big Montparnasse building. Bought a hat, scarf, belt, purse, wallet. Pat rented at car at the train station, since we're leaving for the French countryside tomorrow.

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