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Thursday, Oct 6 - Arrival in Rome

Arrived in Rome! Pat went into the city to talk with a government agency about doing business in Italy. I checked into the hotel and… slept! Yay!

Then I took the shuttle and went to meet Pat downtown at about 4:30 pm. Big thunderstorm. Met Pat in the rain near the Capital Museum. It stopped raining while we toured the Forum, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, Piazza Navona, and finally Campo de Fiori, where we ate dinner.

Along the way, we ate a snack at our favorite wine bar, Peroncino’s, in Piazza de Pietro and had a gelato at Tre Scalini’s again, which is the best place. Ate dinner at Carbonara’s in Campo de Fioro (“Field of Flowers”). Fabulous dinner, egg plant parmigiana and prawns, fried vegetables bar. Ran like heck to catch the 9:00 pm bus (we made this same mistake last year). Pat got on the wrong bus and nearly went to the wrong hotel! He had run on ahead of me. He got off just in time and joined me on the correct shuttle for the airport Hilton. We slept all the way to the hotel. I bought a European curling iron while we were downtown.

Notes: Scarves are very “in” for Italian women. All colors, silk and/or cashmere, it doesn’t matter. Cats live in the ruins, and they get very wet in the rain!

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