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Tuesday, Oct 11 - Resting in Sorrento

Today was a day for rest and doing laundry. It was sunny and warm! We found a “Wet-Dry” and, along with two other American couples, did our laundry. Only one laundromat in all of Sorrento! Ate a pizza for lunch while sitting in the Wet-Dry. The machines were very touchy, and the dryers didn’t get very hot, but finally we were all clean again, hopefully for 9 more days. We went to sip wine at the pool until the town opened back up again. (Italy shuts down for a few hours during lunch.) School children seem to be done at 12:30 pm. We had to step over dogs as we walked the streets. They lie on the crosswalks and sidewalks.

Bought a cashmere scarf and learned how to tie it in a “Valentino” knot. Found an inlaid wood shop called “The Arch” and bought some lovely Christmas gifts for the kids. Also watched the artisan working with his scroll saw – very detailed work. He’s been doing this for over 60 years, and his family has been doing inlaid wood for over 200 years.

Sat by the hotel piscina (pool) until dinner. The pool area is at the top of the old town walls and is surrounded by olive, orange and lemon trees, all full of fruit. The olive trees in this area have nets suspended beneath them to capture the fruit when it ripens. Sometimes grape arbors are built over the top of orange trees, like a second story.

No fast food in sight. No restaurant chains, either. Just local eateries, as there have been for hundreds of years. For Italians, food isn’t meant to be fast. They have a saying, that “while you’re eating, you don’t grow any older.” So why would they hurry a meal?

Ate dinner at La Stalla, which I think means horse. Or stallion. Or perhaps stall. Who knows. I had grilled chicken, and Pat had mussels. The room we ate in had an arched ceiling, and I discovered that if I hummed at a certain pitch, the sound resonated throughout the entire room. I didn’t even have to hum loudly. It was great, because Pat got very agitated and nervous and thought everyone would get upset with me. It was quite fun.

We enjoyed Sorrento, it was warm and lovely, and the locals were very friendly and beautiful people. Very ancient and historic, and laid back. Pronto = what you say when you answer the phone. Allora = “um” or “well.” Finito = finished.

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