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Friday, Oct 14 - Exploring Salzburg, Austria

Pat had a breakfast meeting, so I slept in. Yay! Last night was a good sleep, the bed was so comfortable. We have a lunch meeting today. Europeans are apparently partial to conducting business over a meal. We ate at the Alter Fuchs (“Old Fox”) and had great food, and a terrific meeting. Afterward we changed and walked down to the old part of Salzburg. The town gets its name from the rock salt that has always been mined there.

We took the funicular up the mountain and did the audio tour of Hohensalzburg. What a huge castle and fortress! In all its history, it was never taken by force. Parts of it are over 900 years old. Salzburg was ruled for hundreds of years by archbishops, princes of the church.

Our hotelier had made us reservations for dinner and a chamber concert at Festungshohensalzburg, in the fortress. First we toured the fortress (including a marionette museum). Dinner was a four-course meal and excellent. We had the perch.

The Festungskonzerte was held in the Fürstenzimmer, the prince’s room, in the castle. The chamber group had seven musicians, plus a piano soloist who played the Haydn. They did Mozart (but of course!), Haydn, Mendelssohn, and Dvorak. It was a wonderful time, and they were so talented and expressive. The cellist was the director, and he was the most expressive of all. The room was perfect for chamber music. We really enjoyed the evening. How could you get any more Salzburg than that?

There is a wonderful horse fountain in Capitol Square in oldtown Salzburg. Stopped at a wine bar on our way back to the hotel.

Austrian houses have steep roofs, and they like to use dark wood siding on the upper story. Window boxes full of flowers, even in October.

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